Our mission

We are team of specialists in the field of design, die casting tooling, casting, electronics, optics and LED, realizing the very best ideas and practices in our fields.
We working for full range of products for industrial illumination. We looking for technical solutions leading to maximal life time of the end products. Uniting in our production functionality and design, with minimal compromise in both directions.
» Design and realization of projects related with complete replacement of existing conventional illumination with LED illumination such fulfills all standards and norms for lighting.
» Uncompromising quality with parameters which comply with actual needs and requirements of our clients.
» Maximal warranty and after warranty service of our products.
» Modesty and professionalism towards all our partners and colleagues.

What we offer?

Combination of innovation ideas, combined proven technological practices and solutions, as guarantee for development and production of high quality products at global level. Uncompromising regarding quality of material used. LED illumination from last generation with wide specter of use such as: wherehouses, industrial buildings, open grounds, gas stations, retail stores, parks, sport grounds and plants, green fields, parking and garages.
» 5 years warranty for all of our products
» Environmentally friendly products which are 100% recyclable
» Wide range of products and flexible solutions according to customers’ requirements
» Professional attitude and responsibility towards each engagement


Industrial Lighting offers a wide range of additional services necessary for the implementation of your projects.

Lighting Design Creation

- Design of professional lighting designers in order to meet EU norms and standards for illumination;
- Design of lighting wiring, intelligent systems of governance and economy.

Design of lighting bodies

- by predefined project;
- by your idea;
- by your drawing;
- re-working of an existing model.


- Production of molds or dies for the production of castings
- Production of injection molds for the production of polycarbonate or other types of optics and details
- Production of injection molds for the production of silicone or rubber gaskets

Installation and testing

- Installation of specialized equipment;
- Testing all electrical and lighting system.


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